As a Digital Artist, you print your artwork on fabric for T-shirts and pillows, create magnets or stickers featuring digital artwork, and sell greeting cards with custom sayings and photography. We gathered some helpful videos from our YouTube Channel specific to your interests. Enjoy!

Using Printable Magnetic Paper with Smart Cutting Machines
Start Your Own T-Shirt Printing Business with a Heatpress

Shirts are a walking advertisement with creative messaging and imagery printed on them. If you are not already printing your art on T-shirts and fabric with a Heatpress, you should look into it. PPD Transfer Paper can be applied with an iron or a heatpress machine. When producing large quantities of printed T-shirts you’ll want to use a heatpress. Easily print the images using any inkjet printer. We offer two styles for light fabric or for dark fabric.


Using Printable Magnetic Paper with Smart Cutting Machines
Step by Step Instructions on How to Use T Shirt Transfer Paper

Making limited edition T-shirts on a budget with digital artwork? Quickly add your artwork or custom message with an iron after printing the image on PPD Transfer Paper. This video on how to use transfer paper will give you a great overview of all the steps. Detailed instructions are included inside the packets.


Creating Party Favor Bags Using Brochure Paper

Tips for Centering Artwork on T-Shirts

You can capitalize on the T-shirt craze with custom artwork you printed on a inkjet printer. You will need to correctly align an image on a shirt to sell quality tees. Our handy printing template tool is included in each packet of PPD Transfer Paper to help with that. This video walks you through the steps for shirts in multiple sizes: infants, toddlers, youth, and adults with our tool. TIP: Photo copy the template so you can cut it to the right size you require and keep the instructions on the back.


Make Custom Gifts Using Inkjet Sticker Paper
How to Wash T-Shirts with Transfer Paper Artwork

You will need to provide washing instructions to your customers when selling custom tees. It’s easy to maintain PPD Transfer Paper images on T-shirts when you follow our steps. Simply add a brief line of copy to your packaging and your product listing to ensure people maintain printed shirt artwork for years to come.


5 Creative Ideas for Crafts Using an Inkjet Printer
Print Digital Artwork on Canvas

You don’t have to be a painter to make canvas artwork. With PPD Printable Canvas you can print digital artwork onto cotton canvas with an inkjet printer. The textured look and feel of this canvas looks just like the real thing, because it is! Stretch the canvas over a frame, mount it to wood, display it on a tabletop easel, or tack it up as is. How you display it is up to you. We offer multiple size canvas sheets. You can also cut them after printing to make small canvas prints.


How to Use T-Shirt Transfer Paper with an Iron
Choosing Transfer Paper Type (Light vs. Dark)

PPD offers two types of Iron-On and Heatpress Transfer Paper for light fabric or for dark fabric. We also sell a combination pack with both kinds. The video provides a quick overview of how to use transfer paper then covers the differences between the two styles. We will show you how not to use it, too. Check out what happens when you use light transfer paper on a dark shirt.


Using PPD Transfer Paper with Mini Heatpress Machines
Create Custom Party Favor Bags Using Brochure Paper

Great favor bags for party event planners or to print for birthday parties and special occasions. As a digital designer, you can sell digital artwork online with personalized images and messages for group events. Our video features a silly message on the outside of a chip bag, but you could also wrap a small bag of cookies. We also included how to use custom printed paper to wrap around large chocolate bars. Get your artwork out there and show off your digital designs in new ways!


How to Perfectly Align an Image on a T-Shirt
How to Cut Magnetic Sheets with Smart Cutting Machines

Personalized and custom magnets make great giveaways to existing customers, and you can sell them in online or local shops decorated with your digital artwork to gather new clients. Instead of cutting with scissors or a hobby blade when making multiple magnets with the same design, consider using a smart cutting machine. This gives you more time to create and less time spent on the tedious task of cutting.


Personalize a Pillowcase Using Heat Transfer Paper
Overview of Inkjet Magnetic Sheets

PPD Magnetic Paper are magnetic sheets specially coated to print on an inkjet printer then attach to metal surfaces without any adhesive residue. You can print a full-size sheet with multiple designs, then crop them, create an inspirational message, or print a large photo. This video will show you what magnet sheets are and how to use them. How you decorate them is up to your imagination.


Guide to Making Custom Greeting Cards
Make Your Own Greeting Cards with Printable Card Stock

Our printable greeting cards, available in various sizes, are easy to customize with your own artwork or messages. You can make holiday cards, get well cards, sympathy cards, or use this idea to print cards for funerals, as an inkjet printable play program or piano recital program, or for worship services. Maybe even add photos throughout as a special handout at weddings. Choose from glossy with a matte interior or matte/smooth on both sides of the pre-scored cards.


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