Genuine Art Paper for Inkjet Printers

All our Fine Art Papers offer the look of traditional, genuine art paper, but without working by hand to reproduce them. Easily print your digital artwork with these giclee papers on any inkjet printer.

These gorgeous papers are acid free and archival safe for longevity. This makes them the perfect art paper for digital artists, photographers, and scrapbookers. The single-sided papers have no watermark on either side.

Here is a look at each fine art paper offered at Photo Paper Direct.

Watercolor Photo Paper (240 gsm) - Matte Giclee

Create the look of traditional watercolor paper but produce it with an inkjet printer

Paper Qualities

  • Lightly textured
  • Acid free & archival
  • The look of traditional watercolor paper
  • Ideal for high-end reproductions
  • Rigid feel to the paper that works with or without glass in a frame

How to Use Inkjet Watercolor Paper

  • Works well with or without glass in a frame
  • High-end watercolor reproductions
  • Limited-edition prints
  • Reprint photos of your children’s watercolor artwork
  • Print your original digital artwork
  • Crop to size and feature on a greeting card

PPD Inkjet Watercolor Matt Giclee Paper 60lb (240gsm) A4 PPD-74


Tax included.

Sheets: 25 Sheets

  • 25 Sheets

PPD Inkjet Watercolour Matt Giclee Fine Art Archival Paper 64lb 240gsm PPD-75


Tax included.

Sheets: 25 Sheets

  • 25 Sheets

Printable Cotton Canvas (340 gsm)

Easily print commemorative digital art prints and family photos on this giclee canvas for a textured, real canvas image you can print yourself

Canvas Qualities

  • Professional quality, 100% cotton canvas (it’s not paper!)
  • Lightly textured
  • High-resolution inkjet coating
  • Choose glossy or matte

How to Use Giclee Canvas

  • Display prints as framed artwork
  • Unframed artwork stretched over a frame
  • Display on a tabletop easel mounted on matboard
  • Mount in a glass-free frame for a painted appearance
  • Crop canvas to add texture and hi-res images to handmade greeting cards

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PPD Inkjet Printable Canvas 100% Real Cotton 340g 125lb 17mil A4 PPD-83


Tax included.

Sheets: 10 Sheets

  • 10 Sheets
  • 20 Sheets
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PPD A4 Inkjet 260gsm Gloss Canvas Textured Photo Paper - Premium Quality with Amazing Effects Due to Unusual Surface Structure PPD-108


Tax included.

Sheets: 50

  • 50

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Photo Printing Rag Radiant White (270 gsm)

Print highly detailed photos or sepia images with photo-realistic results on acid free inkjet paper

Paper Qualities

  • Luxurious with a heavy feel
  • Brilliant white giclee paper
  • Photo-realistic results
  • High-resolution inkjet coating

How to Use Inkjet Printing Rag Giclee

  • Ideal for color/sepia/black and white photography
  • Print photos of original digital artwork
  • Reproduction of sepia photographs for heritage albums
  • Black and white prints for wedding albums
  • Limited-edition prints

PPD Inkjet Photo Radiant White Giclee Paper 65lb (270gsm) A4 PPD-78


Tax included.

ACID FREE & ARCHIVAL! Our Photo Gliclee Sheets provide a method to create quality paper art prints with an inkjet printer. The premium matt inkjet coating meets the industry’s highest standards...

Sheets: 25 Sheets

  • 25 Sheets

Velvet Etching Paper – (270 gsm)

Perfect for framing high resolutions prints such as black and white wedding photos

Paper Qualities

  • High-resolution inkjet coating
  • Excellent image sharpness
  • Photo-realistic results
  • Luxurious with a heavy feel
  • Sharp details and a matte finish with no watermarks

How to Use Inkjet Velvet Etching Paper

  • Black and white photography
  • Numbered limited-edition prints
  • Framed art gallery photographs
  • Reproductions of heritage photos for family
  • Cropped for greeting cards on colorful cardstock
  • Printed and folded to create a hi-res greeting card

PPD Inkjet White Giclee Archival Velvet Fine Art Printer Paper A4 72lbs 270gsm PPD-76


Tax included.

Sheets: 25 Sheets

  • 25 Sheets

PPD Inkjet Fine Art White Velvet Giclee Archival Paper A3 270gsm PPD-77


Tax included.

Sheets: 25

  • 25
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